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May 19, 2012

Reduce Excessive Sweating By Exercising

Sweating is a regular process in normal persons, but in Excessive Sweaters can’t say it normal, because excessive sweat sufferers sweat more than normal persons very largely.  Because of this damn disease they don’t like sweat as they feel the pain of excessive sweating. The pain which I mention here isn’t a physical pain, but it’s a mentally feel pain.

According to my know knowledge, still there isn’t a long term curing treatments or drugs. I’m also an excessive sweater and I also feel the pain of it. So I thought to help you in what I know. When you understand the, what is sweat? And what are the substances that consist in sweat will help you think about some your own treatments. Specially care, what are the reasons for sweating.

In this time I’m going to tell you another simple way to reduce sweating to a great extent. That is Exercising. Yeah, you know what is exercising already and you may be doing it sometimes. I don’t mention sometime here. Because you need to exercise everyday and the number of hours is 1hr or at least 30mins. It might be hard for you because of being busy. But think about your disease Excessive Sweating for a moment. So there are two things if you exercise for minimizing Excessive sweating. They are:

1. Exercise everyday.
2. Exercise for at least 30mins.

How This Works Well...?

Yeah, actually exercising helps me to reduce my sweating on body. And if it works for me, it should for you. I said Sweat includes urea and some dirt too. Then when you exercise they are going to leave from your body by sweating. Normally when you exercise for about 30mins you will sweat like hell. If you do this exercising in the morning before you start work, then it will help you more. Because some people don’t sweat more after that they sweat more before. That means if you sweat more today morning, then you will not get much sweat in that day.

Exercising can be help you to reduce if you follow those exercises for a long time.

Disadvantages of This Treatment.

There is no any disadvantage of exercising, because exercising keeps you out of diseases smartly. But you may don’t like to do exercise every day. That’s not a problem, Do work for you..!

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May 13, 2012

Minimize Excessive Sweating By Simple These Treatments

Sweating is not a problem, but Excessive Sweating is the problem. Specialists didn't find forever cure drugs for this disease Excessive Sweating or Hyperhidrosis. So you can use little treatments for your excessive sweating.

You can find your own treatments by testing various methods. Excessive Sweating causes to feel shy on public places, and near the relations and friends. So you need to minimize excessive sweating anyhow. For that you need to try all the treatments mention in this blog. Every treatment mention in this blog will help to reduce excessive sweating little by little.

As I said in Reasons for Excessive Sweating article, One reason for sweating is increasing body temperature. When the body temperature high body starts sweating in order to make body cool. but in Excessive Sweaters don't feel cool every time after sweating. Instead of that cool, you may feel hot and sweating continuously.

Consider below tips to reduce or be free from sweating.

1. If you are traveling in a bus, train or some other public vehicle, make sure you always sit near a window that can be open easily. If there isn't a window, it causes to increase your body temperature. If the window in there is tight and can't open easily, then you need to spend more energy to open that window. That also causes to increase body temperature. So just after sitting you can open the window to wind!.

2. If you don't like or shy to get in buses at the front door, then simply get in using back door. Because if you feel shy it causes to increase your stress and it causes to excessive sweating on your body. Don't run for shy moments, keep away those moments. Always try to be free and be cool.

3. When you are in the classroom, always sit near a window which doesn't has sunlight. Because sunlight falls onto your body causes to increase your body temperature. If not always sit under a Ceiling Fan. If the classroom is air conditioned, that also good.

4. When you excessive sweating on face do not wipe it very tightly using your handkerchief or something else. Wipe it slowly, and sweetly way. Because when you wipe it tightly face gets red and more blood pressure or something like that happening and lead your face to sweat more and more.

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Treatment For Reducing Excessive Sweat on Your Body

Sweating is a big problem for people who suffer from Excessive Sweating also called Hyperhidrosis. In this instance its sufferers get more sweat on their body. So this is a very bad disease and you need to minimize that excessive sweating since currently there are no any forever cure treatment.

Sweating is a liquid which come out of the body, when the body temperature rises. After sweat comes out of the person. body needs to be cool, but in this case body doesn't going to cool, but more hot. This sweat includes Water, Urea and some other chemicals.

Excessive Sweat sufferers face very bad troubles because of this disease. I know how it feels, because I'm also a sufferer of this damn disease. I can't be cool, when in the bus and in the classroom also. I know you also feel the same. Try this treatment to minimize the effect of Excessive Sweating on you. In my experience I feel this treatment works well. But using only this treatment will not give much results quickly.

This is the first treatment I mention in this blog and it works fine for me. So definitely you too. The treatment is Drinking at least 3Litres of Water. Treatment is very simple and you drink water everyday. But not like this amount. Don't take it simple about this treatment it works well.

How This Works Well..?

This is how Drinking much Water help to reduce Excessive Sweating. Water is a good purification liquid which purify our body from impurities like viruses, bacteria and other disease causing impurities. So if body has more water regulating in, then water will purify more impurities. Sweat contains urea also, Urea is an impurity in our body. Therefore water purify urea too. Then one thing reduce in your body and that cause less sweat.

Another way is, Urine contains urea. So when you drink more water, it causes you to pass Urine. So that when you pass urine it contains urea too, then one substance is less for sweating and it causes to less sweat. One thing here, When you pass urine, you may feel sweat come out. Yeah it happens for me. So just before you go to pass urine drink another glass of water.

Drinking water is not a harmful thing unless you drink 10litres or something per day. Water helps to cure cancers too. So it helps to reduce Excessive Sweating also.

Disadvantages of this Treatment

The main disadvantage of this treatment is when you drink more water, it definitely lead you to pass urine anyhow. If not you will start sweating again to leave that urea and water. The only disadvantage of this treatment is this one. You can't pass urine every time you want. Because you may be traveling in a bus which don't has a toilet, or you may be in a class or you may be in a place where there is not a toilet. But this treatment helps to cure many diseases and minimize Excessive Sweating.

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May 2, 2012

Reasons for Excessive Sweating on Body, Palms or Feet

There are many reasons for this Excessive Sweating on body. So after getting know about these reasons you can decide your own treatments for Excessive Sweating easily according to your life style. So I will list below all the reasons to Excessive Sweating on body, hands, palms, feet and armpits.

  1. The main cause for Sweat is Increasing Body temperature.
  2. When you get nervous Excessive Sweat will start to come out. (Ya the next main cause is nervous or getting fear about something)
  3. When you think about Sweating.
  4. When you are going slip by water in the floor.
  5. When you do exercises.
  6. When you walk on the road.
  7. When you feel so embarrassing.
  8. When you get anger also sweat will come out.
  9. When you type on keyboard.
  10. When you write something using pen.
  11. And when you feel Shy.
There may be large number of causes to this disease Excessive Sweating. These are 11 reasons that I remember now and These reasons are caused to sweat me more than Excessive Sweat. So try to control these reasons, then you will be free from Excessive Sweat a little.

All you have to do is try every little and big treatments listed in this blog. Then you will feel that bad seating is getting controlled a little.

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What is Sweating, Perspiration, Transpiration or Diaphoresis

What is Sweat? As sufferer of Excessive Sweating, you need to know what is sweat. There are so many ideas about this sweat. Sufferers of Excessive Sweating are tell sweat is very bad liquid for their life. Yes! it's bad, but now we can't stop it completely.

Every problem can be solved if you know about it from the beginning to end. So research on Excessive Sweating, then you can find working treatments easily. Sweat also called Perspiration, Transpiration or Diaphoresis is a fluid that excrete by animal bodies. This sweat contains water, small amount of urea, various dissolved solids which are excreted by Sweat Glands.

Normally, Sweat is coming out of a human to regulate the temperature of the body. So when normal person increase his body temperature, then he will sweat. But in this Excessive Sweating it's not. Person who suffer from this will sweat very largely than normal persons. So it's a mentally painful disease. Anyway the main reason for Sweating is increasing of body temperature

So always try to minimize your body temperature down and cool. Yeah I know you can't control your body temperature or even you controlled it doesn't stop sweating like an animal. That's why you are here to find good treatments for Excessive Sweating on your body and body organs.

Sweat will come out from Upper lip of your mouth, armpits and elbow too. But in a person who suffer from Excessive Sweating will have sweat on Palms, Feet, Armpits, Around the face and upper lips and back. So in a short-time Excessive sweating people have more sweat and their clothes going to wet quickly. Because of this people feel moments in their life embarrassing. 

Experiments proved that Men have more sweat than Women. So men who suffer from Excessive Sweating will have more sweat than normal persons and it is much more than them.

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Welcome to Cure Excessive Sweaty Problems Blog

Welcome to Cure Excessive Sweat blog. In this blog I'm going to tell you treatments for this Sweaty Problems. I know how to feel when sweat coming when I'm in a public place. I'm very sad for this sweaty problem. So I thought to help other people who suffer from this damn disease. Someday specialists will find direct Completely Cure treatments for Excessive Sweating. Until that day as suffers from this disease we need to find short-time curing treatments for this excessive sweating.

I started to get sweat like animal since my childhood. But now it's worse. So I searched the net and asked from my friends and relations about this damn Excessive Sweating. Now I found some good treatments for minimizing excessive sweating. I will post about those in next post. Hope those little treatments will make you feel comfortable at embarrassing moments.

I know how it feels when sweating like hell. I can't be cool, because when the body starts to sweat I feel very hot and very uncomfortable. I know it's same for you too friend. I will tell you everything about this damn disease, because I know how it sorrowful for you. If some of my treatment methods worked for you, I know you will be very happy about it. So I'll write next post now.

I will write about,
  1. Treatments for Sweaty Palms.
  2. Treatments for Sweaty Feet.
  3. Treatments for Sweaty Arm-pits.
  4. Treatments for Excessive Sweating.
One thing, if one treatment didn't work for you here, then don't worry try another treatment I mentioned in this Cure Excessive Sweat blog. So make sure you bookmark this blog to gt every treatment I write for you. If you want to get Excessive sweating cure treatments to your mail subscribe below by entering your mail there.

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